What is a virtual state?

The world has changed since the last two decades and every year has witnessed a development different from the previous year in the area of technology, internet, and information revolution. We can predict that this century will witness radical changes in the information revolution. The social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp, etc. have a significant role in our daily life which is expended to include the markets and business transactions, etc. Today, we live a new stage of change in the structure of the traditional state. We live in the stage of the fourth industrial revolution which is a digital revolution where the technology is an inseparable part of societies.
The fourth industrial revolution has broken through a number of areas, for example, the internet, artificial intelligence, digital currencies, 3D printing, and future cars, etc, and they start building the digital or virtual states (or an international citizen). In fact, the sovereign state will continue to do a great role for a long time but it will not last forever. The coming years will witness a sovereignty of a virtual state, information revolution, digital communities, and social media networks so that the next domination will not be for the political geography rather than for the virtual geography. We know that we are in an early stage of information revolution, for example, the electric motor was invented in 1881 but it was operated later after four decades. Therefore, the effect of the digital age on our life is still in its beginning in spite that the start of this beast was impressive in internet networks, social media, and information revolution. In reaction with this rising, the virtual state was established under the name of (Kingdom of One Nation). It was not the first virtual state which was launched through the internet and it will not be the last. However, the Kingdom of One Nation could be unique. The Kingdom of One Nation was started to survive and continue to cope with the information revolution, to travel away in the space of virtual internet, to achieve what other have failed to do, and fulfill the aspirations of all people who are interested in coping with the development of virtual world.