Why one nation?

Humans are social beings who tend to live in big, complex, cooperative and competitive communities beginning in forming families and ending with forming nations. According to others, these communities can be classified according to their income, fortune, power, fame, and other factors. A man is the only being who has a very developed brain that can think and use a language and speak and present solutions for the problems he faces. He is the only being who can use his hands skillfully to make mirco and macro tools that he needs in his life.
He is also characterized by his aesthetic sense and appreciation for beauty which evokes the man's need to express himself and the activities of art, literature, and music. A man is the only being that can start a fire and make food and the only one who wears clothes. There are about 8 billion people on earth and all of them are equal in all what is mentioned above. Therefore, they are one nation though they are distributed on about 200 independent states where they share different resources of nature. The Kingdom of One Nation reminds a man that he is the only one that can perform miracles and make the iron talks. He is the only one who possess what other beings do not and he is a one nation from the east to the west.